Politickin': Hip Hop vs. Donald Trump

Courtesy of Daily Beast

Courtesy of Daily Beast

By Jaylin Paschal

I've really enjoyed watching/listening to rappers and other music artists take on Donald Trump. (I knew I loved this culture.) The Hip Hop community has not taken Trump's candidacy ran on blatant bigotry lightly. Now that he's the presumptive nominee of the Republican party (I can't believe I just typed that), I think it's as good a time as any to mention these artists. After all, I think a true sign of political turmoil is--aside from a major party's combustion--Nipsey Hussle and YG feeling compelled to make political commentary.

1. Mac Miller

I think this is the only time I've ever cared about anything Mac Miller has said. I can only assume that the world would actually be taken over "on some Donald Trump shit."

2. Kendrick Lamar (kinda)

Okay, so it's one line. But. We get it. Implications.

3. T.I.

T.I.'s made a few videos calling out Trump, all of which are worth watching, if for nothing more than hearing T.I.'s voice.

4. Raury

Additionally, Raury told Vice News in an interview, “Trump embodies separation, solving problems with anger, fear, and personal differences." He continued, “I’m all about the opposite, about being inclusive and open.”

5. YG and Nipsey Hussle

So. Funny. Easily my favorite feature in this list.

6. Jeezy

Jeezy is one of many artists to take their frustrations to Twitter.

7. Meek Mill

He can do something right. Y'all leave him alone now.

8. Wyclef Jean


9. Waka Flocka

Waka is actively protesting Trump, in what feels like every other tweet. Necessary.

10. Chris Brown

But Chris Brown gets no love 'round here. You'll have to look that up on your own.

11. Rae Sremmurd

So yeah, the rap duo, like Mac Miller, has a Trump inspired song.  Which generally has positive connotations. At least they tried to clarify.

12. Public Enemy (Chuck D)

You knew.


The list could go on. More and more artists have used or are beginning to use their platform to extend one message, loud and clear: Never Trump.